To give a future and a hope


Empowering the vulnerable to find purpose for a more abundant life

Our Journey

Formerly known as Highpoint Community Services Association (HCSA), HCSA Community Services was started in 1995 as a halfway house for recovering drug addicts and ex-offenders. Burdened by the need for a safe place for these men to regain confidence in themselves and contribute positively to society, our pioneering team devoted themselves to empowering the men through positive influence and practical support. The halfway house is now known as Highpoint Halfway House.

HCSA Community Services has since grown into a multi-service organisation. In 2011, Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre was started to bring help and healing to abused teenage girls, and Dayspring New Life Centre opened in 2014 to empower unsupported pregnant women. 

Our dedicated staff and volunteer teams, together with corporate and community partners, continue to serve some of the most vulnerable in our society, to give them a future and a hope.

Our Board

Lim Kee Ang Vincent


Choy Sok Fun Dominique

Vice President

Eng Heng Long


Arumugam Meganathan

Assistant Secretary

Lim King Leong Tony


George Dixon Butron

Assistant Treasurer

Han Chi Kwang Patrick Daniel


Lim Seok Tin Priscilla June Tina


Sylvia Lee


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