A mother who hopes to leave an impact

“Young, pregnant and alone, I was so worried that this would attract me undesirable attention. So it meant a lot to me having someone from HCSA Dayspring SPIN accompany me to doctor’s appointments. By having someone with me at the clinic or hospital, I felt more assured, confident and safe. SPIN helped me to make new friends and supported me through my emotional struggles, especially during pregnancy.

My greatest hope for the future is to raise a son who can leave a positive impact on this society – this is what being a good parent means to me. Likewise, I also want to make an impact by purchasing my own 5-room flat to house and help vulnerable women in the community, and also reduce the rate of abortion. Through my life, I hope to set an example for my son, but also inspire single mothers to rebuild their lives and support them in their fight for a future.”

Testimony by Sheryl, Alumni of HCSA Dayspring SPIN



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