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HCSA Community Services

Seizing the Opportunity

Jamaliah holding HCSA Academy Certificate

“I’ve always enjoyed cooking but as a single mother of 3, it was a challenge to afford such courses. So when I found out about the training subsidies available to me at HCSA Academy, I knew I had to seize…

I Now Have A Voice

Natasha giving a speech at Night of Hope Gala

“Growing up, I suffered from depression and anxiety due to the bullying I faced since Secondary 1. As the bullying got worse, my sense of self-worth dropped as well and I began self-harming. Cutting became a daily routine for me…

I Found Healing in Making Soaps

“As a single mom with anxiety and depression, starting my own soap business seemed like an impossible dream as I couldn’t afford the resources while supporting my young son. The people around me were not hopeful of my soap-making venture…



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