I caused a lot of hurt to those I love

“It all started when I had my first taste of drugs at the age of 16 – just out of curiosity. This was the start of many years going in and out of DRC and prison. Twice, I even landed myself in jail for armed robbery. It was only serving my a seven-year sentence than I came to HCSA Highpoint. Coming to Highpoint changed me because the staff were always there to guide me when I needed their support. Having a recovery coach and weekly support group sessions was also beneficial in my recovery.

I still remember the day when I received the long awaited letter from HDB telling me I got my rental flat. I was so happy that I shared the news will all the Highpoint staff. Everyone celebrated with me! Different individuals started giving my furniture and appliances for my new home, and some of the residents even helped me to move them to the flat. It’s been 3 years and I am still living in the same rental flat.

In these 3 years, I have not touched a single cigarette or drug. Abusing drugs will always be my biggest regret because I wasted a lot of precious time and caused a lot of hurt to those whom I loved and those who loved me. I was hurt too because people now found it hard to trust me.

My advice to anyone walking down a similar path would be to learn a skill that will help you in life. It doesn’t matter if you’re not academically inclined and it’s never too late to learn. I took up HCSA Academy’s culinary course at the age of 51, which means anyone else can too.

My dream is to venture out and open my own food stall one day. But for now, I hope to find a suitable life partner who I can go through thick and thin together with – one who accepts me for my past mistakes.”

Testimony by Paul, Alumni of HCSA Highpoint Halfway House



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