I’m stronger than what I believed in

“When I was taken away from my family to live at Dayspring, I thought I would resent this place a lot and I told myself not to trust the professionals anymore. I was someone who wasn’t aware of my emotions and physical well-being. I wasn’t afraid of risks and even though I knew I would have to bear the consequences of doing anything against the law, the devil in me just wanted to be a rebel. The only thing that mattered to me was being cool and having a lot of friends.

But as time went by, I became grateful to have the chance to stay in this wonderful place as I realised it would bring great benefits not just for myself but for my family as well. I was blessed with a befriender family that journeyed by my side and taught me the importance of honest communication in the family. Everything started to change as my family and I learned how to better communicate with each other

Dayspring changed me into a whole new person with new values. I used to lie a lot but now I value honesty so much. I started to be more mindful and appreciative with what I was given. I started to cherish values like change, respect and equality. I believe that these values will protect me in the future as I now know how to respond when someone wants to take advantage of me. I can now think rationally and consider the consequences of my cations.

I no longer believe that I am weak, neither do I feel the need to prove that I am strong by putting myself in unsafe situations. Now, I tell myself: I’ve been through this and I’m stronger than what I believed in.”

Testimony by Hana, Alumni of HCSA Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre



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