Rediscovering the beauty in life

“I spent 20 years going in and out of prison. During my term, I did a lot of in-depth reflection and realised that I was enslaved by anger, deceitfulness, fear and greed. I started using all these bad feelings as an excuse to abuse sleeping pills – soon I became addicted.

Although I enjoyed how the pills made me feel, I was still filled with self-pity, regret, and bitterness within. Looking deeper, I was angry with everyone – even myself. I was not grateful with what I had in life and started to give up on everything.

I needed help to be healed from my addiction. But first, I had to be truthful with myself – no more lies, fears and escaping. I gave myself another chance to move on.

HCSA Highpoint provided for all my physical and emotional needs. I was blessed with great residents and staff who encouraged me throughout my time there. They helped me become independent and disciplined. I even took up exercising again thrice a week and started eating more nutritiously for my health. In December last year, I successfully completed the programme.

Through the many outings to various landmarks in Singapore, I realised how simple and beautiful life can be. My most memorable experience was being to invite my mother along for the River Cruise outing. I had such a wonderful time being with her and seeing her so happy!

Now, I actively return to Highpoint as an alumni volunteer to encourage others like myself. I stopped having a self-defeatist mindset and am now filled with hope. I wish to encourage everyone like me to have faith in yourself and not give up. Pay attention to the little things around you, work on knowing yourself better, and prepare to fight for your recovery!”

Testimony by Narong, Alumni of HCSA Highpoint Halfway House



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