Rescued by an angel without wings

“I had a past that destroyed me. I was sexually, physically and mentally abused when I was a child. To make things worse, my mum was someone who needed companionship, so she had many affairs. Life was volatile. I had to find shelter and I changed schools every year. I became the person I never thought I would become. I landed up in hostels, and then, the Singapore Girls’ Home. After three months there, I met someone who became my God-sent angel.

Cathy, then a staff member of HCSA Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre, spoke to me when I entered to receive therapy and rehabilitation in 2011. I could not help but break down. One day, chaos struck me and I felt all my fears drowning me, as if I was pulled into a deep sea. I looked for Cathy, and all I did for the next hour was cry into her lap. I realised I had cried all my fears out. I wanted to give up on many occasions but I’m glad I didn’t. I never thought I would make it to graduation.

On that fine day in 2012, I remember having butterflies in my tummy as I stood in front of everyone and shared about my past. I had the opportunity to work as an intern mentor in DRTC, where I could help girls with a similar past as myself – helping them pull through their rough days.I hope to become a child protection officer, so I can help troubled kids like my younger-self realise that someone out there cares for and understands them.”

Testimony by Candy, Alumni of HCSA Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre



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