Bringing Holiday Cheer to A Single Mum

“I am a single parent to a 19-year-old, Hedir, and two 6-year-olds, Haiqel and Haaziq. Haiqel is my sister’s son, who is under my care as she is incarcerated. It wasn’t easy to care for the kids on my own, especially Haiqel, because he can be hyperactive at times. I used to lock myself in the toilet and cry, wondering if I was strong enough to raise them. I knew, deep down, that I had a responsibility as a mother to care for my sons.

But sometimes, I am unable to do so without support. I joined HCSA Dayspring SPIN during one of the lowest points of my life. I had around $2 in my bank account, and Hari Raya was approaching.

Jeanne, a social worker from SPIN, contacted me to tell me that a volunteer would be coming over to send us some festive items. I thought we would receive food rations, but the volunteer came with a trolley full of groceries, and handed me a green packet.

SPIN was a godsend. I broke down in front of the volunteer. That was all I needed to get through that period, and it was one of the most touching things that has happened to me.

Thanks to SPIN and the befrienders who helped me through my dark times, I am now able to see my sons grow up without as much worry.

Haiqel is a super bubbly and happy boy. He never fails to make me smile, and he is dependable. Haaziq is into robotics, and fixing things to make them move. He always has something to say and can spend hours before bed talking about his day. I love my boys and will do anything for them.”

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