We share only smiles and laughter now

“All my divorces had a recurring pattern – they were always about criminal and drug related issues. Despite having four children from three different fathers, I received no family support and desperately needed a job to provide for them. When I was introduced to SPIN through Punggol Social Service Office, I immediately contacted them hoping they could support me in my job search. They responded very quickly and Jeanne, a social worker, arranged to meet me. Since then, Jeanne has always been there to listen and advise me when I don’t have anybody to talk to.

My children and I can now share so much smiles and laughter thanks to SPIN. When I couldn’t afford to support my family, SPIN came in and changed everything for us! They provided us with food rations, furniture and items for my children – things we could never afford in the past. They even helped me find employment and be financially independent by arranging a job interview for me.

SPIN helped me establish and stabilise a routine of work and care-giving so that I could support my family to the best of my ability. Since then, my social worker has always been there to listen to my problems and advise me when I have no one to turn to.

Through SPIN’s outings and empowerment workshops, I started to widen my social support circle by meeting with volunteers and other single parents like myself. My children were able to experience things I could never have afforded. The counseling sessions also helped me become a better parent who can manage my finances and plan for my future. I am very appreciative of how SPIN has shaped me into the person I am today.”

Testimony by Jaslyn, Alumni of HCSA Dayspring SPIN



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